IAAI 2013 International Training Conference


Rosen Centre Hotel, 9840 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

Date & Time

Start Date: 05/06/2013


Thomas Dunford will be presenting at the IAAI 2013 International Training Conference on the topic, "What It Takes for an Expert to Testify in the Age of Daubert and NFPA 921."

This session will provide guidelines, as well as examine pitfalls, that all fire experts should be aware in order to make certain their opinions are accepted by a trial court. Points that will be addressed include: SWTS- Start With The Science; Daubert principles: including, (1) qualifications, (NFPA 1033), (2) proper methodology (NFPA 921), (3) reliability, and (4) relevance; circumstantial evidence; process of elimination; negative corpus; whether physical testing is required (or does cognitive testing suffice); and a review of cases from various jurisdictions concerning many of these subject areas where courts “have gotten it wrong.”


Thomas M. Dunford

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