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Start Date: 04/28/2008


In the evolving reinsurance industry, having airtight contracts is more important now than ever before. In light of the relaxed collateral requirements currently under consideration by NAIC and New York state, the desirability of achieving contract certainty in a timely manner, and current trends in the negotiating and wording of key contract provisions, creating comprehensive and secure reinsurance agreements is an absolute necessity. Cedents, reinsurers, brokers, and private practice attorneys specializing in insurance and reinsurance must be prepared to confront the latest challenges and take advantage of the newest opportunities in negotiating and drafting reinsurance agreements.

This conference will provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and expert advice that you need to:

  • Prepare agreements that account for evolving collateral requirements

  • Achieve specificity and reduce uncertainty of key terms and provisions

  • Overcome obstacles that impair the process of achieving contract certainty

  • Craft special termination and commutation provisions that protect your interests

  • Create comprehensive access to records clauses while maintaining confidentiality

  • Obtain beneficial dispute resolution and arbitration provisions

  • Negotiate and draft alternative reinsurance structures


Francine Semaya


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