The Duty to Defend in Texas and Bad Faith Considerations



Date & Time

Start Date: 12/06/2018
Start Time: 11:30 a.m. ET


Alicia Curran, a member in the firm's Global Insurance Department, and William Craven, an associate in the firm's Global Insurance Department, will discuss the application of the eight-corners rule and the extrinsic evidence exception in determining whether an insurer owes a duty to defend under Texas law. In addition, the presenters will provide an overview of bad faith considerations in Texas, specific to duty to defend cases. This presentation is recommended for insurance claims professionals, in-house attorneys, brokers and risk managers handling claims under third-party liability policies.

The presenters will discuss:

  • The duty to defend, generally
  • The eight-corners rule
  • The extrinsic evidence exception
  • Extracontractual considerations in duty to defend cases, including Texas Insurance Code, Chapters 541 (Unfair Claim Settlement) and 542 (Prompt Payment of Claims Act)

1 CE credit approved in TX, FL, GA, NC, and DE.

CLE is approved in PA, NY, TX, and CA. All other CLE jurisdictions will be applied for upon request.



William H. Craven


(214) 462-3037

Alicia G. Curran


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