Unlimited License Problems


Crystal Gateway Marriott
1700 Richmond Hwy
Arlington, VA 22202

Date & Time

Start Date: 03/17/2019
End Date: 03/19/2019


Thomas Lisk will be presenting at the 26th annual National Alcohol Beverage Control Association legal symposium. The proliferation of special use licenses has created a regulatory labyrinth that is difficult for compliance officers and inefficient for enforcement officials. These “one-off” licenses, while initially well-intentioned, have created seemingly endless lists of potential licensing options—with the practical effect of creating codified preferences for particular business plans and confusing those individuals making good faith efforts to comply with the law. In this session, Tom will address the unintended consequences of creating dozens of special use licenses, the sustainability of this process, and methods to streamline these licenses into a more manageable regulatory framework.


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Thomas Alan Lisk



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