Did You Feel It? Construction Vibrations in Your Property



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Start Date: 11/03/2020
Start Time: 2:00 PM



Stephen Seeger spoke on a panel at the 2020 CLM Focus: Cannabis, Environmental, Insurance Fraud, Property, Subrogation, Claims & Litigation. 


Construction vibrations can often be felt in properties near construction sites. Such vibrations may be a nuisance to residents but can sometimes contribute to property damage. Property owners experiencing construction-induced vibrations may file claims for nuisance or cosmetic and structural damages. Since the vibration threshold for nuisance is typically lower than the threshold to cause any damage, property owners may express concerns about vibrations that are not substantial enough to damage their property.

This presentation will discuss construction vibration and propagation toward structures, human perception of vibrations, their effects to structures, and a few of the complexities when claims attributed to such vibrations need to be adjusted and/or litigated.


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