Building Blocks - Five Easy Ways to Build a Better Subro Claim



Date & Time

Start Date: 11/16/2020
End Date: 11/17/2020


Joe Rich and Rick Maleski will be joined by Kim Stafford of USAA to present, "Building Blocks - Five Easy Ways to Build a Better Subro Claim" at the 2020 NASP Annual Conference. The presenters will discuss five basic building blocks of every subrogation case that can help you over time build better cases, with or without counsel: (1) Easy Evidence Preservation, (2) Importance of Good Photos & Videos, (3) Getting Information from Insureds, (4) Common Adjustment Pitfalls, and (5) Easy Tips for Working with Experts. The presenters will also emphasize practical tips and guidance for those working in the field and for those overseeing others in the field or adjusters.


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