Litigating through the Coronavirus



Date & Time

Start Date: 04/17/2020
Start Time: 1:00 pm
End Time: 2:00 pm ET


How do we litigate in a pandemic? Courts are closed or operating under restrictions. We can’t visit them to argue, try cases, or attend conferences. Restrictions extend beyond the courthouse. We can’t visit clients. We can’t meet in conference rooms or at the offices of court reporters or mediators. For many of us, we can’t even leave the house. Yet clients still need lawyers. Old disputes continue, new ones pop up, and clients are looking for progress and resolutions.

This webinar addresses the multiple routes available to continue to litigate through the coronavirus. One common theme is to embrace the new technology. But successfully litigating through a pandemic requires other skills with which we as lawyers are very familiar, including practicality, preparation, patience and cooperation.

We will hear from litigators with experience conducting several key aspects of litigations in a fully remote environment — meaning that, in many cases, each participant is in a different location. This includes depositions, mediations, arbitrations, court appearances, arguments, and conferences. We will also hear from litigators who have tackled filings for existing and new cases while weaving through court restrictions that can be both significant and unclear, including the complexities of filings that involve multiple courts operating under different restrictions. The presentation will address additional topics, as the landscape for litigating through the coronavirus changes almost every day.

CLE is approved in PA, NY, TX, IL, and CA.

All other jurisdictions will be applied for upon request.

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