The Impact of the Pandemic on Woman in Law



Date & Time

Start Date: 09/28/2021
Start Time: 3pm (ET)



Lynnette Espy-Williams and Michele Miller will be panelists for a webinar hosted by the National Association of Women Lawyers.

Before the pandemic, legal scholars had already recgonized a troubling trend: too many experienced women lawyers were leaving the profession.The pandemic has, unfortunately, only accelerated this trend. A recent ABA report finds that more than a third of women lawyers in Big Law are thinking of going part-time or quitting entirely because of the pandemic. And this exodus is not limited to Big Law as studies confirm the widespread impact of the pandemic on women throughout the profession. In this program we examine this exodus of women lawyers, looking at the factors that make the pandemic particularly difficult for women in the profession. We will also discuss what can be done now to stop this exodus, and move forward in the post-pandemic world.

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