Canaries in the Coal Mine: Identifying Risks in Real Estate


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4 East 60th Street

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Date & Time

Start Date: 12/07/2022
Start Time: 9:40 a.m. EST
End Time: 10:10 a.m. EST


Zach Samton will moderate a panel discussion titled “Canaries in the Coal Mine: Identifying Risks in Real Estate” at the Real Estate Global Forum hosted by Markets Group. As a market correction looms, many investors are looking to less risky investments with predictable cash flow. The panel will address if this is the right time to start looking more into Core and Core plus or if the risk and reward still favor Value-Add and Opportunistic investments. Panelists will also discuss if portfolio allocations to Value-Add and Opportunistic changed over the years compared to your allocations to Core and Core plus strategies. 


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Zachary Samton

Co-Chair, Real Estate Finance

(212) 883-4971

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