World Disrupted: Impact on Global Mobility and Recruitment


Kaufman Rossin
One Financial Plaza – 100 SE 3rd Avenue – 6th Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394

Date & Time

Start Date: 10/18/2022
Start Time: 12:15 pm
End Time: 1:45 pm EDT


Scott Bettridge will join a panel discussing immigration, taxation, expansion, and recruitment. The impact of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, increasing inflation, and concerns about a global economic downturn are exacerbating the challenges global companies face regarding their markets, international operations, supply chains, and workforce. 

Are you a European company looking to establish or develop operations in the United States? Or are you an American or Latin American company planning to expand to Europe or already operating globally? How do you handle talent retention and acquisition?

What do you need to consider when recruiting new suppliers and vendors or establishing manufacturing or operational bases across many countries? What about the trend toward geographic flexibility and hybrid workplaces? How do changing tax, social security, and residency rules for mobile employees and business travelers impact corporate decisions? Is there a “Florida factor” in the recruitment of international talent, and how is it materializing?


Topics for discussion: 

  • Digital nomad visas for remote working
  • Social security tax obligations and treaties
  • USCIS updates and prospective policy/processing reforms, RFEs, and immigrant visas
  • U.S. Consulate/Embassy processing/frustrations, the extension of COVID-19 flexibilities, and the impact on travel
  • Tips for recruiting and retaining talent with immigration issues
  • Impact of the perceived recession and the ever-changing mindset of the candidate
  • Creating an attractive offering in this time of growth and uncertainty beyond the money
  • Evolving debate on work-from-home, hybrid, or in-office dynamics
  • Changing roles (CMO as an example) and the impact of technology, new trends, and global crisis on these roles



Scott Bettridge

Chair, Immigration Practice

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