Corporate COffee Break - We Need to Talk About AI: Contracts & Copyrights



Date & Time

Start Date: 09/26/2023
Start Time: 12:00 p.m. ET
End Time: 12:30 p.m. ET


As businesses turn to artificial intelligence to increase productivity, these same organizations are confronted with weighing the risk versus the benefit of using AI tools. Companies are challenged with embracing AI to remain competitive while struggling to understand and avoid legal issues, many of which remain unknown. With countless businesses already using AI, contractual and copyright concerns are top of mind with many organizations.

Join Christopher Dodson, Lisa A. Ferrari, and Jeremy Garvey for for a fast-paced discussion on:

  • Compliance representations and warranties

  • Indemnification and limitation of liability

  • Potential copyright infringement issues in using AI-generated works

  • Recent AI-related copyright registration decisions and guidance from the Copyright Office

To view a recording of this webinar, click here


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Christopher Dodson


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Lisa A. Ferrari

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Jeremiah G. Garvey

Co-Chair, Capital Markets & Securities

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