YouTube’s ‘Checks’ copyright system: what lawyers think

Friday, April 9, 2021

David Sunshine was quoted in World IP Review discussing YouTube's new 'Checks' system. Users can now scan videos for possible infringement prior to publishing, shifting the onus of the copyright issues onto the uploader and giving them more warning and control over potential issues with their content. "YouTube already has a system in place called Content ID that searches for infringing material after it is uploaded. However, at that point, the creator can be blocked from uploading, demonetized, or worse. The new Checks system looks for infringing material before the creator uploads it to the YouTube platform. It has the potential to prevent infringement before it becomes a larger problem that can benefit the creator and copyright owner. It benefits the content creator since the system allows the creator to address and potentially cure any issues before the content is published. This takes some of the burden off of the copyright owners. Of course, the success of the system is largely dependent on how "smart" the system is at recognizing infringing content," said David.

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