California Legislation And Regulations To Watch In 2024

Monday, January 1, 2024

Walter Stella was quoted in a Law360 article discussing the groundbreaking legislation and regulations implemented in California regarding employers’ obligations to workers. SB 699, which took effect January 1, states that if a worker signs a non-compete for an employer in a different state and begins working in California, either for the same or a different employer, the non-compete is void. Walter described these legislation changes as “sweeping.” Another drastic change was California's new Anti-Retaliation Act, SB 497, which creates a rebuttable presumption of retaliation if an employee is disciplined or discharged within 90 days of engaging in specific protected activity, such as filing a complaint for owed unpaid wages or encouraging co-workers to exercise their rights. Walter stated, "Before, the employee had to establish that it was retaliation. Now, it's the employer that's going to need to establish that it wasn't. I think it's a very, very significant change in the law."


To read the full article, click here.

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