Cozen O’Connor: New York City Building Owners Granted One-Time Amnesty of Façade Inspection Safety Program [Real Estate Alert]

New York City Building Owners Granted One-Time Amnesty of Façade Inspection Safety Program

Real Estate Alert

Under Local Law 11 (LL11), the New York City Department of Buildings requires owners of buildings that are six stories or greater to have exterior walls inspected once every five years. Commonly referred to as FISP (Façade Inspection Safety Program), all building owners, including condo and co-op sponsors and boards, are required to file a report with the Department of Buildings. Those who do not conduct inspections during the five-year period, referred to as a “Cycle,” are subject to penalties. Building owners who did not comply by the most recent deadline have received a pardon, but only if they meet certain time-sensitive requirements.

The filing period for Cycle 7 ended on February 20, 2015, with the filing period for Cycle 8 designated as February 21, 2015, through February 21, 2020. New York City acts swiftly to penalize those who fail to comply with this law because it is a matter of safety. Failure to comply within the allotted time could result in hefty fines and violations or hearings before the Environmental Control Board. The Department of Buildings recently announced a one-time amnesty program for those owners who failed to comply with the Cycle 7 requirements by the deadline. Under the program, non-complaint owners can administratively complete Cycle 7 filing requirements by filing the Cycle 8 report early (between May 1, 2015, and June 30, 2015).

Given this is a one-time program, owners and board members of a non-complaint building should take heed and take the opportunity to satisfy both the Cycle 7 and Cycle 8 LL11/FISP requirements in one filing. 


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