If Your Condo or Coop Utilizes CSC ServiceWorks, Inc., Act Now for Class Action Benefits 

February 5, 2020

If your condo or coop utilizes CSC ServiceWorks, Inc. (CSC) for laundry services, your condo or coop may be able to benefit from a class action settlement if you act now.

A class action suit against laundry machine services provider CSC has reached a settlement. Plaintiffs accused CSC of imposing an unlawful administrative fee on its clients in breach of their contracts. If you had an existing laundry lease with CSC on May 1, 2017, and were assessed or subject to an administrative fee of approximately 9.75 percent of your gross collections from May 2018 through November 22, 2019, you may be a settlement class member.

Settlement class members are entitled to receive certain benefits including a payment, waiver of monies due, administrative fee caps, and/or a rate freeze. Certain benefits require you to exercise your rights by March 6, 2020. Alternatively, you may also choose to opt out of the settlement class and pursue your own claims regarding the administrative fees, if you opt out by March 6, 2020.


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If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about this settlement, contact the authors.