The TEAM Act Brings Us Back To The Future Again [Law360]

Daniel Johns authored an article about the recently introduced Teamwork for Employees and Managers Act (TEAM) — which would legalize employee involvement committees, an employer-friendly alternative to unions.

"Labor law in the year 2022 has become like a version of 'Back to the Future,' as the Biden administration and the National Labor Relations Board attempt to change the law, both legislatively and administratively, back to what it was — or had been proposed to become — during previous administrations," writes Johns. "Memos and public statements from the current general counsel of the NLRB, Jennifer Abruzzo, have made clear that she has a long list of such labor law changes that she wishes to enact during the current administration. Such labor law ping pong jurisprudence is not limited to the Democrats. In February, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana introduced a labor reform bill that has its roots in a failed legislative action from the 1990s."

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