AI in the Workplace: Benefits and Potential Drawbacks [Daily Business Review]

Sam Edelstein authored an article about the impact of artificial intelligence on the workplace. Sam discussed how AI is changing the workplace by helping with repetitive tasks, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. There are challenges with potential threats to privacy, the hiring process, job security, and misinformation. Estimates suggest that nearly 80% of employers are now using AI in some capacity, so it’s imperative businesses understand AI’s rapidly growing presence across the labor landscape. Using AI in the hiring process could lead to biases against the candidates. Some employers see AI as a way to reduce costs while increasing output. However, a recent study suggests that AI could soon automate 25% of the labor market and force millions of Americans into unemployment. Generative AI could present misinformation to the users. For example, an employer could use ChatGPT to create job descriptions,  employee handbooks, and prepare performance reviews. They should realize that a tool like ChatGPT is only reliable as their source material, the internet. OpenAI claims that ChatGPT maintains a factual accuracy rate between 70-80%.  

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