The Few, The Not-So-Proud Water System Operators Who Have Gone Awry 

January 17, 2023

Michael Klein discusses recent incidents in which water system operators neglected their duties to ensure safe and reliable drinking water to the public in The Water News Source.

The article examines how a waterworks operator’s error lowered the fluoride level in Richmond, Vermont’s public water system by half the amount recommended by federal and state agencies. The article also touches upon a Pittsburgh water treatment plant supervisor who was criminally charged and sentenced for discharging sludge from the plant’s clarifiers into the Allegheny River, violating the Clean Water Act.

In the article, Michael looks at the similarities between the Flint water crisis and the Jackson, MS, water crisis and expresses great concern for the future of Pennsylvania’s public water systems.

“All of this should be an opportunity for public water suppliers, their consultants, and the regulators of water systems in Pennsylvania, to learn from the mistakes of others,” Michael states.

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