Robert L. Evans

Vice President, COSECURE

Robert L. Evans serves as vice president of COSECURE, overseeing the firm's administrative and operations teams and the physical security, emergency preparedness, and cybersecurity capabilities. Formerly the director of K-12 Services, Evans's executive law enforcement, and military experience provide a unique background to lead our teams and serve our clients. He is a renowned innovator and speaker assisting public and private schools with safety, security, and crisis planning, drills and exercise support, Active Threat Training, litigation consultation, and special investigations.


Robert Evans Appointed to Secure Community Network’s National Security Advisory Council

July 19, 2023

Robert Evans, Director of K-12 Services at COSECURE, the firm’s security consulting business, will serve as a member of NSAC, whose mission it is to convene national security experts to provide the highest level of safety and security for the Jewish community.


Our K-12 Schools Need Dedicated Safety Personnel Now More Than Ever [Security Insights]

July 26, 2023

Robert Evans, director of K-12 services at COSECURE, the firm’s security consulting business, was recently featured in Campus Safety Magazine, contributing an article on the importance of dedicated safety personnel in K-12 schools.

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