Insurance Subrogation, Indemnity and Hold Harmless Releases: Navigating the Complexities



Date & Time

Start Date: 05/02/2017
Start Time: 1:00 p.m. -2:30 p.m. ET


Steven Gerber, a member of the Subrogation and Recovery department, will be part of a panel presenting a webinar titled "Insurance Subrogation, Indemnity and Hold Harmless Releases." The Strafford webinar will provide insurance counsel with an understanding of the critical principles of subrogation, the interplay of subrogation with indemnity and hold-harmless releases, and best practices in drafting and negotiating waivers of subrogation, release and indemnification clauses.

The presentation will review:

  • What are the different types of subrogation?
  • How and when can waiver of subrogation agreements get in the way of successful recoveries and what be done to avoid them?
  • What are the differences between releases and hold harmless and indemnity clauses, and what are best practices for insurance companies in negotiating various settlement agreement language?



Steven K. Gerber


(215) 665-2088

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