Texas Panhandle Wildfires 

February 29, 2024

Six separate wildfires, including the massive Smokehouse Creek wildfire, are burning at this time in the Texas panhandle. Hutchinson, Hemphill, Roberts, Lipscomb, and Moore counties issued evacuation orders on February 27, and Texas Governor Greg Abbot has issued a disaster declaration for 60 counties. 

Beyond the Smokehouse Creek fire, firefighters are battling additional wildfires, including Magenta, Windy Deuce, 687 Reamer, Grape Vine Creek, and Juliet Pass wildfires. According to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group, strong winds and critically dry grasses contributed to extreme fire behavior and rapid rates of spread across the landscape.

Once these wildfires are contained, all insurers should identify and assess claims for structures and other properties in the following zip codes:

  • Magenta: 79092, 79010
  • Windy Deuce: 79036, 79068, 79108
  • 687 Reamer: 79083
  • Smokehouse Creek: 79083, 79007, 79059, 79014, 79046, 73832
  • Grape Vine Creek: 79065, 79057
  • Juliet Pass: 79019


Our subrogation investigation is underway, though with the number and magnitude of wildfires involved, this is likely to entail a complex analysis of causative factors. We are utilizing drone flyover videography and photography, GPS, LIDAR, and other investigative tools to identify and preserve critical evidence.

We have retained wildland fire investigation experts, who are in the process of conducting their investigations, including collecting fire spread information, interviewing witnesses, and working with public sector fire officials. Initial reports indicate that certain of these fires may involve utility lines, but specific information as to the precise ignition scenario is still under investigation.


The Smokehouse Creek Fire alone has burned over 850,000 acres in the northeastern Texas panhandle, and has spread into western Oklahoma, making it the second largest fire in the state’s history. It is being reported that several homes and businesses have been burned in this fire. A shelter-in-place order was issued for Canadian, Texas. The zip codes affected thus far are 79083, 79007, 79059, 79014, 79046 and 73832.