How to Create the Best ChatGPT Policies

Thursday, April 27, 2023

John Carrigan, Jr. and Janice Sued Agresti spoke with SHRM about the impact of ChatGPT in the workplace. ChatGPT is growing more popular each day and companies are excited about what it could bring while curious of where it can lead to. John said employers should consider to what extent their existing policies might already address some of the "new" issues raised by AI. "Employers should instead think about areas where they wouldn't want to see AI used and then set clear guidelines. When deciding how much to allow or limit the use of ChatGPT or similar tools, it makes sense to strategize about the sorts of tasks for which the AI might be used, as well as the strengths and limitations of AI tools for that purpose," he said. 

"When deciding what course to take in setting a policy, consider including the type of work your organization does; how familiar your workforce is with developing technologies and their limitations; how much of their work is output driven; and your workforce's areas of expertise. ChatGPT still makes a lot of mistakes and users need to be able to recognize them," Janice said. She said that ultimately, generative AI should only be used to enhance human performance, not replace it. "If used, it should be used as a tool to assist in an user's work, and not as a substitute for the user's own creativity, good judgment, or expertise," she said.

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