Cozen O’Connor: CPVC Plastic Sprinkler Pipes and Fittings - What they are, how they fail, and how to evaluate recovery issues

What they are, how they fail, and how to evaluate recovery issues 

CPVC Plastic Sprinkler Pipes and Fittings

Cozen O’Connor recently provided a detailed presentation and power point on CPVC pipe failures. Here are a few of the slides documenting why this issue is important for subrogation professionals. To arrange the complete presentation or if you have any questions, please Mark Mullen.

Did you know?

  • US homeowners file claims for burst pipes 5 times more than for fire damage.
  • Pipe Break Claims cost the US Insurance Industry $4.2 Billion during the decade of 1996-2006. (Insurance Journal - January 2006)

What is CPVC?

  • CPVC = Chlorinated PolyVinyl Chloride
  • Typically considered more chemically resistant than PVC
  • Attached by using “solvent cement”

All plastic fire sprinkler pipe is made of CPVC :


Failure types for CPVC:

  • Installation issues
  • Chemical attacks
  • Shipping & handling problems

Things to consider:

  • Everything that went into making the CPVC
  • Everything that went into designer the piping system: building plans, mechanical drawings, sprinkler drawings
  • Everything that was on the CPVC
  • Brand of CPVC and its age
  • Everything that was inside the CPVC
  • Identification for all relevant players - MFR, GC, designers, installers, service companies
  • All contracts, drawings, maintenance records, and service records



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