What they are, how they fail, and how to evaluate recovery issues 

CPVC Plastic Sprinkler Pipes and Fittings

Cozen O’Connor recently provided a detailed presentation and power point on CPVC pipe failures. Here are a few of the slides documenting why this issue is important for subrogation professionals. To arrange the complete presentation or if you have any questions, please Mark Mullen.

Did you know?

  • US homeowners file claims for burst pipes 5 times more than for fire damage.
  • Pipe Break Claims cost the US Insurance Industry $4.2 Billion during the decade of 1996-2006. (Insurance Journal - January 2006)

What is CPVC?

  • CPVC = Chlorinated PolyVinyl Chloride
  • Typically considered more chemically resistant than PVC
  • Attached by using “solvent cement”

All plastic fire sprinkler pipe is made of CPVC :


Failure types for CPVC:

  • Installation issues
  • Chemical attacks
  • Shipping & handling problems

Things to consider:

  • Everything that went into making the CPVC
  • Everything that went into designer the piping system: building plans, mechanical drawings, sprinkler drawings
  • Everything that was on the CPVC
  • Brand of CPVC and its age
  • Everything that was inside the CPVC
  • Identification for all relevant players - MFR, GC, designers, installers, service companies
  • All contracts, drawings, maintenance records, and service records


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