Cozen O’Connor’s Telecommunications Practice attorneys represent clients in every aspect of the telecommunications industry. We have extensive experience in wireline, wireless, broadband, and infrastructure issues and we regularly appear before the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) and numerous state public regulatory commissions on issues at the forefront of the evolving telecommunications markets. Our lawyers have deep and broad experience with the issues that matter, as well as contacts throughout the industry, all of which we bring to bear for the benefit of our clients.



Federal Regulatory. Cozen O’Connor’s telecommunications attorneys represent clients before the FCC on a wide variety of issues, drawing both on our long-reaching background knowledge and forward-looking focus on new developments. Our knowledge of FCC practice and procedure, regulatory acumen, and experience in the trenches help us obtain the best possible results for our clients.

State Regulatory. The firm’s 31-office footprint positions us to assist on state regulatory matters throughout the country. We track policy and developments in all jurisdictions of interest to our clients. In addition, we have extensive experience litigating proceedings and pursuing regulatory matters before state commissions nationwide. We have also served as experts before state legislatures on telecommunications policy issues.

Local Regulatory. The attorneys in our practice group have deep and broad experience with local rights-of-way, municipal franchise and license agreements, and related infrastructure issues. We have negotiated public and private rights-of-way, franchise, and license agreements in multiple states and local jurisdictions. We support extensive fiber network buildouts, as well as cell tower, small cell, and distributed antenna systems deployment.


Federal and State Courts. The attorneys in Cozen O’Connor’s Telecommunications Practice strategically and aggressively pursue clients’ interests in litigation in federal and state court. Litigation in this arena often involves overlapping or parallel regulatory issues and proceedings, of which we remain keenly aware and manage proactively. Litigation is a tactical means to reach a desired goal, and we carefully pursue it as such in light of our client’s overall business and regulatory goals. 

State Commissions. Our team is particularly adept in handling regulatory litigation and other commission enforcement litigation. Our attorneys have handled cases before state regulatory commissions in many jurisdictions.

Appellate. Our lawyers have extensive experience in appellate matters involving regulatory issues, whether in federal or state appellate courts. We are strategically selective regarding the issues as well as with regard to when, where, and how we appeal, such that our appellate efforts are always designed to serve our client’s overall business interests.


The transactional range of Cozen O’Connor’s Telecommunications Practice is deep and broad, ranging from the purchase and sale of telecommunications companies to infrastructure development, deployment, and access to day-to-day contracting issues. Our attorneys have the insight, instincts, and creativity to get your transaction done , whether it is routine or complex.  In our decades of experience, we have found the way to get to “yes” every time it mattered to our client. 


We provide the full spectrum of services telecommunications industry clients require, including but not limited to those listed below.

Wireline Issues

  • Represent carriers in application proceedings before the FCC and state commissions for licensing and certification to provide domestic and international services, including local and long-distance services.
  • Represent clients on data security issues, including domestic and foreign encryption and lawful intercept requirements.
  • File and obtain regulatory approvals for various transactional matters, including financing, mergers, change of control, and corporate reorganizations.
  • Advise telecommunications service providers and others on consumer privacy and data security obligations arising under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and the FCC’s implementing rules as well as various state-specific regulations.
  • Negotiate regulated and unregulated agreements for the purchase of telecommunications services, including agreements for the purchase, sale, and lease of fiber, equipment, and other telecommunications assets.


  • Assist clients in applying for and obtaining numerous types of wireless licenses from the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Represent interests of various stakeholders in rulemaking and policymaking proceedings before the FCC impacting the use and allocation of wireless spectrum resources.
  • Represent spectrum users in application proceedings before the FCC for various classifications of wireless spectrum licenses and advise applicants on related foreign ownership considerations.
  • Negotiate agreements for the purchase, sale, lease, or sharing of authorized spectrum (including short-spacing agreements); agreements for re-banding or re-location of frequencies; and other wireless telecommunications assets.
  • Represent wireless infrastructure owners in application proceedings before the FCC for tower construction or modification permissions.
  • Advise clients on wireless infrastructure compliance matters, including FCC and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tower lighting and painting requirements, and environmental impact considerations.
  • Advise wireless spectrum licensees on FCC-imposed compliance obligations, internal investigations, and due diligence matters, and prepare comprehensive compliance manuals.
  • Represent wireless spectrum licensees in complaint and enforcement proceedings before the FCC.


  • Counsel clients on a wide variety of infrastructure-related issues, including issues relating to pole attachments, fiber and conduit agreements, municipal rights-of-way, municipal licensing agreements, and other public and private easement/lease agreements.
  • Negotiate commercial wholesale and retail contracts, including master service agreements (MSAs), dark fiber IRU, dark fiber lease, and collocation agreements.
  • Represent clients in pole attachment disputes in federal and state courts and at the FCC and various public utility commissions.
  • Represent small cell and DAS providers, communication tower operators, and wireless communications service providers in real estate, contract, and trespass disputes.
  • Represent carriers engaged in negotiating municipal, state, and other public rights-of-way agreements. Guide carriers through the process of obtaining county and municipal approval for municipal rights-of-way and licensing agreements, as well as state certification and tariffing.
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