Professional Development

A top priority at Cozen O'Connor is to offer professional development support to our attorneys through comprehensive training and mentoring programs. 


We believe that on-the-job experience is the most valuable means by which attorneys learn the practice of law. Consequently, assignments are made mindful of each Associate's learning curve and development needs. On-the-job training is supplemented by a structured monthly training curriculum that orients Associates to the firm and to their practices. We want to enable our newest attorneys to be productive contributors from the outset. Training topics include substantive legal issues as well as general lawyering skills and matters of firm operation and policies. Tailored curricula focus specifically on the varied needs of litigation and business associates. Through a graduated series of practice topics, practical lawyering skills are introduced and honed.

We recognize the benefit of a group dynamic and the importance of properly targeting training information. Accordingly, sessions may include all new Associates, a practice subgroup, or Associates at selected experience levels. Depending on the subject matter, formats vary from lecture to workshops and may be taught either by firm members or outside experts. Mindful of attorneys' annual license compliance obligations, many of these training sessions are certified for continuing legal education credit.

Each of our departments has developed and implemented educational programs related to their specific practice areas for lawyers at all levels of experience. We also offer, when appropriate, firmwide programs on timely topics. In addition to in-house program, our attorneys are encouraged to attend third-party educational programs. 

Mentor Program

Cozen O'Connor is committed to mentoring its new Associates. Each new Associate is paired with an experienced practitioner in his or her practice area to act as a personal and confidential resource. Mentors are selected thoughtfully. They commit to meet monthly with their mentees to facilitate acclimating them to the firm and to their new practice area. Mentors are not only accessible to answer any questions but also take an active role in integrating the attorney to the practice of law and firm culture. The mentor-mentee team works together to set personalized goals for the mentee and to develop a game plan to accomplish those objectives. 

The firm also sponsors the optional mentoring program for attorneys who have completed their first year practicing at the firm. Through this program, Associates either continue to maintain their ongoing mentoring relationships or pair themselves with a different colleague to pursue new sets of professional goals. Our mentoring program is meant to supplement informal mentoring that is encouraged with our collegial open door policy between junior and senior attorneys. 

This combination of formal training programs, mentoring support, and coordination of assignments based on the development of competencies ensures that our attorneys have the opportunity to develop their skills to their fullest potential at the earliest stages and throughout their careers.

A Great Place to Work 

Not only is Cozen O'Connor is a great place to work and thrive professionally, it is a nationally recognized law firm upon which you can be proud to build your legal career. Over the years, Cozen O'Connor has received numerous accolades due to the firm’s success and growth, professional development support, pro bono and community service. Our attorneys are also regularly listed as leading attorneys in their field of expertise in legal surveys conducted by Law & Politics, American Lawyer Media, the National Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, Chambers USA and other legal publications.