COVID-19: Flu Shots, COVID-19 Vaccines, and Updates on Medical Testing



Date & Time

Start Date: 10/08/2020
Start Time: 1:00 pm
End Time: 2:00 pm EST


This Fall, employers face the double whammy of a possible second wave of COVID-19 as well as the approaching influenza season. This webinar will address best practices and strategies for managing these risks in the workplace, including:

  • Best practices for managing absenteeism for cold and flu symptoms in light of overlap between COVID-19 and traditional illnesses
  • Update on the latest CDC recommendations for employee quarantines and return to work standards for symptomatic and asymptomatic
  • Strategies for encouraging or mandating influenza vaccinations among the workforce
  • Do’s and Don’ts for employer testing protocols
  • Looking ahead to possible COVID-19 vaccine and strategies for employers to be considered in planning for the future

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