How Employers Can Avoid Making Remote Work a Legal Minefield

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

David Barron and Aaron Holt were quoted in discussing the challenges employers face with remote workers.

“If you’re looking to hire people or retain employees, obviously wages is a hot issue with what’s going on with inflation. But right neck and neck with that issue is what is your work-from-home policy? If your competitors are allowing work from home, and you’re not, that’s going to be a hiring/retention issue. It’s going to be a morale issue. It’s a productivity issue. It really impacts every aspect of the workplace,” said David.

Aaron said he’s recently seen claims from remote workers alleging they never authorized the signatures that appear on their employment contracts. “When you are sending them the policies and you’re requiring them to acknowledge that they have it, in the event one of those workers says … ‘That is not my signature,’ what would you say in response? “What evidence could you marshal in the event that actually became a litigation point to prove that, in fact, they did receive those papers, those policies, and that they’d agreed to abide by them?” he asked. 

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