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What's On The Horizon In Attorney General Enforcement [Law360]

In Law360 Ketan Bhirud, Chris Allen and Emily Yu discuss how recent state AG enforcement actions offer a taste of what’s to come in 2024.

Chris offers clients the unique combination of legal acumen, policy understanding, political insight, and boots-on-the-ground practicality he has cultivated through practicing in the State Attorneys General niche for more than a decade. He understands the important strategic considerations that distinguish handling a State Attorney General (AG) matter from private litigation or litigation against the federal government, and he uses this savvy to guide his clients through complex investigations, litigation, and public policy advocacy on the state and federal levels. Chris also provides advice and counsel on the myriad compliance issues his clients face daily.

Representing clients ranging from small startups to the third-largest company in the United States, Chris has a truly national practice with particular focus in the areas of consumer protection, antitrust, data privacy (including data breaches, data security, and data collection), and the False Claims Act. Outside the State Attorneys General realm, Chris also has significant experience representing consumer products manufacturers and distributors in product recalls, compliance matters, and industry-wide investigations led by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Chris strives to be a true partner to his clients, helping those facing a State AG investigation navigate the attendant political and policy concerns, nuances among the various state laws at issue, and the strategic considerations unique to State AG matters. Drawing upon the vast institutional knowledge of the firm’s State Attorneys General Practice, Chris has the perspective on State AGs and their staff needed to identify and examine all of the possible factors driving an investigation. He uses this insight to help his clients articulate their defense in a thorough, consistent, and persuasive manner.

His broad client base encompasses companies in industry sectors including telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, disruptive technology, telemedicine, cannabis, transportation, hospitality, and nutrition/personal health. Chris also has significant experience representing trade associations. He regularly handles issues centering on state Unfair and Deceptive Acts or Practices laws, state data breach reporting and notification laws, Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, state and federal False Claims Acts, state Medicaid Fraud Acts, the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act, and the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, among others.

Chris was a recipient of the Phi Delta Phi Award for Excellence in Jurisprudence and Professional Responsibility. He also maintains an active pro bono practice, including representing a number of clients with cases pending before the U.S. Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review. In addition, he regularly serves as a guest judge for collegiate and law school mock trial and moot court competitions.



Cozen O’Connor Announces New Group Chairs, Office Managing Partners, Other Promotions

February 15, 2024

The firm announced several new practice group chairs, office managing partners, and leaders of firm committees and initiatives

Herbalife Settles with FTC and Illinois Attorney General’s Office

July 18, 2016

Cozen O’Connor’s State Attorneys General Practice represented Herbalife International, Inc. and Herbalife International of America, Inc. in separate settlements with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.

Cozen O’Connor Launches New State Attorneys General Practice with Addition of Nationally Acclaimed State AG Practice

May 05, 2015

On the heels of its recent announcement of the addition of 60 lawyers in Chicago, Cozen O’Connor is proud to announce the addition of ten attorneys and government professionals and the formation of the firm’s State Attorneys General Practice.


What's On The Horizon In Attorney General Enforcement [Law360]

February 20, 2024

In Law360 Ketan Bhirud, Chris Allen and Emily Yu discuss how recent state AG enforcement actions offer a taste of what’s to come in 2024.

State AG Pulse | CT AG Reacts to Genetic Data Breach

November 06, 2023

When 23andMe suffered a data breach that potentially exposed sensitive data collected in genetic testing, Connecticut AG William Tong took action. Chris Allen and Hannah Cornett discuss the implications of the breach and identify best practices for anticipating and responding to data security incidents.

AGs' Distaste For Food Bill May Signal Other State Issues

October 11, 2023

In Law360 Chris Allen and Stephen Cobb discuss the EATS Act and how state AGs are making their voices heard at the federal level.

State AG Pulse | Is SAFER Banking Finally Coming To The Cannabis Industry?

October 02, 2023

In Episode 4, Chris Allen and Emily Yu look at the history of the SAFER Banking Act and consider whether the latest legislative proposal will realize AGs’ bipartisan ambitions for a regulatory and enforcement regime for cannabis that generates additional state revenues, deters bad actors, and provides businesses with predictability and legal certainty.

State AG Pulse | Action By MN AG Ellison Could Ripple Through Debt Servicing Industry

September 18, 2023

This episode of State AG Pulse looks at an investigation by Minnesota AG Keith Ellison into student loan providers alleged to have violated consumer protection and registration laws in his state, and the likelihood that it will sweep in other regulators and ripple throughout the debt servicing industry.

NAAG Hosts Antitrust Bootcamp: Recap

August 16, 2023

In a series of three articles Chris Allen summarizes panel discussions on antitrust law history, state/federal cooperation and emerging antitrust trends.

AGA Gaming Workshop: State AGs Tackle New Challenges in Face of Unprecedented Gaming Growth [State AG Report]

August 10, 2023

Chris Allen shares key takeaways from AG Alliance’s recent gaming workshop.

State AG Pulse | The Laboratories of Democracy

June 26, 2023

In the season 2 finale of State AG Pulse, General Rokita of Indiana joins Jerry Kilgore and Chris Allen to talk about the challenges of upholding Indiana’s interests against the federal bureaucracy, and the power of states.

Sneak Preview: State AG Pulse Season Three

May 24, 2023

In a sneak preview of Season 3 of State AG Pulse, Chris Allen and Emily Yu dig into a story from last week’s state AG news about a cryptocurrency scheme that set off flares in the state AG world.

State AG Pulse | The Age of the Multistate is Here

April 17, 2023

Elected for a second term in 2022, Attorney General Keith Ellison has led his state through the pandemic and its enormous social and economic consequences. He talks with Lori Kalani and Chris Allen about navigating those challenges and their impacts on individuals and businesses in Minnesota.

State AG Pulse | State AGs and Feds: The Dynamics of Influence & Collaboration

April 03, 2023

Even when state AGs are not specifically authorized in a particular area, they can still be highly influential on their federal counterparts when it comes to regulation, enforcement, rulemaking and interpretation of statutes. Our team digs into state/federal collaboration: the who, what, why and how.

Attorneys general open to penalty negotiations if framed right

February 08, 2023

Legal Dive Lead Editor Robert Freedman listened to our podcast Money Money Money: Where does it go and why and teases out some of the key themes related to restitution, disgorgement and penalty negotiations in state AG settlements.

State AG Pulse | Money, Money, Money: Where does it go and why?

February 06, 2023

In this episode we draw back the curtain on attorney general settlements, including an AG’s statutory authority and motives, and the factors that determine the size and composition of a settlement, and provide insights to help businesses negotiate for the best possible outcome.

Countdown to Decision 2022 – Election Perspectives from Our Team

October 06, 2022

As election day 2022 approaches, members of the Cozen O’Connor State AG Group share their thoughts on some of the trends and themes that have emerged over the course of the primary season.

State AGs: Know ‘Em Before You Need ‘Em

August 12, 2022

Lori Kalani, Bernie Nash and Chris Allen joined host Richard Levick on the “In House Warrior” podcast to discuss all things state AG.

State AG Pulse | The Democrats: Playing Their Best Chess Match

July 01, 2022

Lori, Bernie and Chris engage Sean Rankin, President of the Democratic AGs Association, on the challenges and opportunities he sees for the Democratic party as it fights headwinds going into the November 2022 election.

State AG Pulse | The Politician v. The Judge: Maryland’s Primary

June 20, 2022

The two leading contenders for Maryland AG come from very different backgrounds. In this week’s podcast, host Bernie and his State AG Group colleagues Milton Marquis and Chris Allen debate what this means for their election prospects and the future of the Maryland AG’s office.

Meeting of the Minds – Negotiating State AG Settlements | 2022 NAAG Spring Consumer Protection Conference (Part 4 of 4)

June 06, 2022

The fourth panel of the day examined the complexities of negotiating resolutions to state AG investigations and litigation, and featured panelists with extensive experience resolving multistate AG investigations and litigation.

A View from the Top: AGs on Their Consumer Protection Role | 2022 NAAG Spring Consumer Protection Conference (Part 1 of 4)

June 06, 2022

In this first of four panel discussions held at the 2022 NAAG Spring Conference, three sitting AGs discussed the most pressing and cutting-edge consumer protection issues they are confronting.

Dark Patterns: The Next UDAP Frontier | 2022 NAAG Spring Consumer Protection Conference (Part 2 of 4)

June 06, 2022

The second panel of the day was hosted by Iowa’s Deputy AG for Public Protection, Jessica Whitney, and focused on the emerging issues involving so-called “dark patterns,” and whether they constitute deceptive or unfair trade practices.

Counting Down the Hits – Top Consumer Complaints | 2022 NAAG Spring Consumer Protection Conference (Part 3 of 4)

June 06, 2022

The third panel was comprised of consumer protection chiefs from Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio and Vermont. It provided a brief glimpse into the most common complaints received by their respective offices, and how those complaints are mediated by their staff.

State AG Pulse | New Mexico and the Plaintiffs’ Bar Money-Go-Round

May 23, 2022

This week Bernie and Lori engage with State AG Group team member Chris Allen on the race in New Mexico, where the AG’s office is likely to stay blue but a red wave, if it comes, could shake things up. They also ponder AGs’ use of outside counsel to supplement – or supplant - internal AG staff resources.

The Elephant (or Donkey) in the Room: Does an AG’s Party Matter?

May 12, 2022

In the fifth article in our Elections 2022 series, Chris Allen and Mira Baylson discuss how the political affiliations of state attorneys general matter—and how they don’t.

As AGs Come And Go, Challenges for Businesses Remain

May 03, 2022

In the fourth article in our Elections 2022 series, Mira Baylson and Chris Allen focus on what businesses should be thinking about as changes in state AG offices loom.

Past as Future: AGs’ Prior Experience Can Shape Their Priorities and Policies

February 14, 2022

In our second article analyzing the impact of the 2022 state AG elections on corporate America, Jerry Kilgore and Chris Allen look at how an AG’s experience prior to taking office can inform a business’s approach.

As State Level First Responders, AGs Contend with New Challenges in Response to COVID-19

June 30, 2020

Christopher J. Allen discusses state AGs wielding their legal, political, and policy-making authority and increasing enforcement to protect consumers, enhance data privacy and security, eliminate price-gouging, and combat false claims for payment to state authorities.

AGs on the Front Line of the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Fight [Alert]

March 12, 2020

Christopher Allen discusses how Attorneys General (“AGs”) are manning the front line in keeping consumers from becoming victims of scams, abuse, or fraud using the powers they have wielded for decades across a wide range of industries to combat deceptive and misleading claims and unfair business practices.

State Attorney Activism and Enforcement Trends

February 03, 2020

Ann-Marie Luciano, Chris Allen, and Bryan Mosca published an article in Bloomberg Law on February 3, 2020, sharing their observations on trends in state Attorney General activity in 2019, and the enforcement priorities they expect to see AGs focus on in 2020.

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