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State AG Pulse | Never Say Never to Federal Privacy Legislation

In this episode of State AG Pulse, Meghan Stoppel and Keturah Taylor, along with Madison Smith of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, discuss comprehensive state privacy laws and how the uptick in recently enacted state legislation is impacting the federal privacy conversation in Congress.

Meghan’s ability to counsel clients is informed by her experience in high-level public consumer protection roles and first-hand experience in leading and resolving multistate attorney general investigations in key industries including education, financial services, health care, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications. She also understands the regulatory challenges facing general counsels, having served in a privacy and marketing compliance role for a multibillion dollar consumer-facing corporation. She is able to draw on her experience both as an enforcer and as a businessperson, to counsel clients as they develop compliance strategies that align with their business goals, and navigate regulatory challenges.

Before coming to Cozen O’Connor, Meghan served as chief of the Consumer Protection Division in the Office of the Nebraska Attorney General. In that role, Meghan was responsible for the investigation and enforcement of state and federal laws related to deceptive and unfair trade practices, data privacy and security, antitrust, nonprofits, tobacco regulation, and charitable trusts. She has litigated cases in both state and federal court involving alleged violations of the Nebraska Consumer Protection Act, Nonprofit Corporation Act, and other state and federal consumer protection laws. She has directed investigations involving compliance with the TCPA, the Telemarketing Sales Rule, CAN-SPAM, and counseled on investigations involving the FDCPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, FCRA, HIPAA, ECPA, FERPA, and the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Prior to serving in the Nebraska Attorney General Office, Meghan was senior privacy and marketing compliance analyst at the multibillion dollar Deluxe Corporation, provider of check printing and related business services. She advised the general counsel, chief privacy officer and business units on litigation risk and strategies for compliance with privacy laws, including GDPR.

Meghan also formerly served for almost a decade in the consumer protection and antitrust division of the Office of the Kansas Attorney General. Meghan has extensive experience, through her roles in Kansas and Nebraska, in coordinating closely with federal law enforcement agencies including the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the U.S. Department of Justice, to ensure consistent interpretation and judicious application of federal consumer protection laws.

Meghan graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in history and communications study from Texas Christian University, where she was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society. She received her J.D. from the University of Colorado, School of Law where she received the Melanie Ruth Vogl Memorial Scholarship.




Law Firms Double Down on State AG Practices

March 03, 2021

Reuters noted the addition of former Nebraska Consumer Protection Chief Meghan Stoppel to Cozen O’Connor’s expanding State AG Group. The article quotes Group Co-Chair, Lori Kalani: “the firm strives to add lawyers to the practice who have specialized expertise with state attorney general matters, which can make it difficult to expand. The firm feels very fortunate to have been able to hire Meghan.”

Cozen O’Connor Continues State Attorneys General Practice Expansion with Addition of Former Nebraska Consumer Protection Chief Meghan Stoppel

March 02, 2021

Stoppel has served in high-level public roles and led and resolved multistate investigations in key industries including education, financial services, health care, and pharmaceuticals.


State AG Pulse | Never Say Never to Federal Privacy Legislation

May 28, 2024

In this episode of State AG Pulse, Meghan Stoppel and Keturah Taylor, along with Madison Smith of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, discuss comprehensive state privacy laws and how the uptick in recently enacted state legislation is impacting the federal privacy conversation in Congress.

Expect Turbulence Ahead as State AGs and DOT Join Forces to Investigate Airlines and Travel Agencies [Alert]

April 25, 2024

Ann-Marie Luciano, Meghan Stoppel, Jonathon Foglia, and Patrick Rizzi discuss the DOT's recent announcement of an Airline Passenger Protection partnership with State AGs to empower AGs to more effectively investigate complaints and enforce state laws.

State AG Pulse | Swinging Through the Rust Belt, the Sun Belt and the South

April 08, 2024

In Episode 3 of State AG Pulse, Meghan Stoppel and Siran Faulders dive into the AG and other Pennsylvania races with Jim Davis and Joe Hill of Cozen Public Strategies and consider how voter demographics in PA and other swing states will play into the outcomes in November.

CT AGO Report on Privacy Enforcement Provides Insights on AG Priorities

March 13, 2024

State AG Group member Meghan Stoppel comments on the complexity and resourcing demands of privacy investigations in Cybersecurity Law Report.

The Future Of State AG Antitrust Enforcement And Federal-State Cooperation

February 01, 2024

In CPI’s January Antitrust Chronicle Milton Marquis, Keturah Taylor and Meghan Stoppel review recent state AG antitrust enforcement actions and offer predictions for what’s to come.

How State AGs Process And Prioritize Consumer Complaints

January 02, 2024

In Law360 Meghan Stoppel and Hannah Cornett Land discuss how AG offices manage consumer complaints and how businesses can mitigate complaints.

California AG’s Consumer Protection Authority Gains New Teeth [Alert]

December 14, 2023

Meghan Stoppel and Keturah Taylor discuss new legislation taking effect on January 1, 2024, in California that will establish a Consumer Fraud Restitution Fund within the state treasury.

State AGs May Spoil the Party for Renegade Social Media Influencers

December 07, 2023

The National Law Journal quotes Meghan Stoppel and Hannah Cornett as they discussed warnings from the FTC to advertisers about how and when they should disclose endorsements from influencers.

State AG Pulse | Influencers, Identify Yourselves, Says FTC

December 04, 2023

Influencers have an outsized impact on what we buy. In this week’s podcast Meghan Stoppel and Hannah Cornett discuss warnings from the FTC to advertisers about how and when they should disclose endorsements from influencers.

How Consumer Complaints Can Help Companies

November 02, 2023

In Law360 Meghan Stoppel and Hannah Cornett offer up a new way to think about consumer complaints.

State AG Pulse | When Testing Systems, Don’t Use Real Data!

October 23, 2023

When more than $2 billion was withdrawn from borrowers’ accounts without their authorization as the result of a data testing error, AGs paid attention. Meghan Stoppel and Emily Yu explore why and suggest precautionary measures companies can take.

State AG Pulse | AGs: The Dukes of (Environmental) Hazard

October 09, 2023

In Episode 5, Meghan Stoppel and Keturah Taylor discuss how a recent action by DC AG Schwalb against an electric utility company exemplifies AGs’ clout in the environmental arena.

State AG Pulse | CFPB’s AI Guidelines for Lenders Send Important Signals For All Businesses

September 25, 2023

In Episode 3, Meghan Stoppel and Hannah Cornett recommend that all businesses pay attention to the CFPB’s recently issued guidelines on the use of AI tools in credit writing, since other regulators are likely to follow suit and the impacts go beyond the credit industry.

Game-On: Why Tabletop Exercises Are Key to Cybersecurity Resilience

August 02, 2023

In this Corporate Compliance Insights article Meghan Stoppel and Hannah Cornett summarize the importance of tabletop exercises and how they can save companies millions and help them avoid potential regulatory scrutiny.

Analyzing 2023's New State Privacy Laws: Oregon and Delaware Join the Strictest Tier

July 12, 2023

Meghan Stoppel provides commentary in Cybersecurity Law Report on Oregon and Delaware’s new privacy laws including compliance implications and enforcement impacts.

State AG Pulse | Iowa: Taking a Commonsense Approach

May 15, 2023

In conversation with fellow Midwesterner Meghan Stoppel and former Virginia AG Jerry Kilgore, newly-elected Iowa AG Brenna Bird addresses a wide range of topics, from preparing to enforce Iowa’s new privacy laws to stumping with her six-year-old.

How Cos. Should Navigate State AGs' Partisan ESG Approach

April 26, 2023

Meghan Stoppel and Emily Yu wrote in Law360 about why companies should engage with AGs on both sides of the aisle to minimize risk related to ESG-based investing.

State AG Pulse | Nebraska: Listening and Learning

March 20, 2023

New Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers describes himself as a very strong conservative who believes in openness in relationships and is committed to ensuring that people feel that they are being heard. In conversation with Lori and Meghan, he expands on the philosophy that underpins his dealings with AG office staff, businesses and state AG colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

State AG Pulse | Attorneys General as State Policymakers: The NY Model

March 06, 2023

Cozen Public Strategies Managing Director Katie Schwab joins Jerry Kilgore, former VA AG, and Meghan Stoppel, former NE Consumer Chief, to debate the role of state AG as policymaker, and whether the NY model holds for the rest of the country.

Attorneys general open to penalty negotiations if framed right

February 08, 2023

Legal Dive Lead Editor Robert Freedman listened to our podcast Money Money Money: Where does it go and why and teases out some of the key themes related to restitution, disgorgement and penalty negotiations in state AG settlements.

State AG Pulse | Money, Money, Money: Where does it go and why?

February 06, 2023

In this episode we draw back the curtain on attorney general settlements, including an AG’s statutory authority and motives, and the factors that determine the size and composition of a settlement, and provide insights to help businesses negotiate for the best possible outcome.

FTC and $391-Million State AG Case Put Location Data Enforcement on the Map

January 09, 2023

Meghan Stoppel was quoted in a recent Cybersecurity Law Report article titled FTC and $391-Million State AG Case Put Location Data Enforcement on the Map. (subscription required).

ESG Best Practices In The Face Of Increased AG Scrutiny

October 18, 2022

In this Law360 article, Lori Kalani, Mira Baylson and Meghan Stoppel offer businesses commonsense practices to consider, pitfalls to avoid and opportunities related to their ESG plans, policies and procedures.

Countdown to Decision 2022 – Election Perspectives from Our Team

October 06, 2022

As election day 2022 approaches, members of the Cozen O’Connor State AG Group share their thoughts on some of the trends and themes that have emerged over the course of the primary season.

AGs unite to ensure federal privacy legislation sets floor, not ceiling, for states

August 23, 2022

In an Attorney Analysis published in WestLaw Today, Meghan Stoppel illuminates AGs’ concern that any federal privacy legislation protect the states’ ability to pass future, potentially more expansive privacy laws

State AG Pulse | Winner Takes All in Kansas

July 18, 2022

Lori, Bernie and native Kansan Meghan Stoppel debate the chances of the three Republican candidates in the August 2 Kansas primary, and whether the moderates will split the vote to the benefit of the polarizing Trumpian candidate.

States Must Step Up to Fill Federal Delta-8 Loophole

June 13, 2022

Mira Baylson, Meghan Stoppel and Gianna Puccinelli examine recent developments around the question of the legality of delta-8 THC and similar products and what they mean for cannabis companies.

Dark Patterns: The Next UDAP Frontier | 2022 NAAG Spring Consumer Protection Conference (Part 2 of 4)

June 06, 2022

The second panel of the day was hosted by Iowa’s Deputy AG for Public Protection, Jessica Whitney, and focused on the emerging issues involving so-called “dark patterns,” and whether they constitute deceptive or unfair trade practices.

Counting Down the Hits – Top Consumer Complaints | 2022 NAAG Spring Consumer Protection Conference (Part 3 of 4)

June 06, 2022

The third panel was comprised of consumer protection chiefs from Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio and Vermont. It provided a brief glimpse into the most common complaints received by their respective offices, and how those complaints are mediated by their staff.

Meeting of the Minds – Negotiating State AG Settlements | 2022 NAAG Spring Consumer Protection Conference (Part 4 of 4)

June 06, 2022

The fourth panel of the day examined the complexities of negotiating resolutions to state AG investigations and litigation, and featured panelists with extensive experience resolving multistate AG investigations and litigation.

A View from the Top: AGs on Their Consumer Protection Role | 2022 NAAG Spring Consumer Protection Conference (Part 1 of 4)

June 06, 2022

In this first of four panel discussions held at the 2022 NAAG Spring Conference, three sitting AGs discussed the most pressing and cutting-edge consumer protection issues they are confronting.

State AG Pulse - Nebraska: An Insider’s Perspective

May 02, 2022

In this week's episode, co-hosts Lori Kalani and Bernard Nash are joined by fellow State AG Group member Meghan Stoppel.

New Jersey AG Declares Police Officers Cannot Face Discipline for Off-Duty Cannabis Consumption

April 26, 2022

Mira Baylson, Meghan Stoppel and Gianna Puccinelli analyze ways in which AGs are stepping in to reshape enforcement practices—and deeply-held beliefs—for a previously illegal drug.

AI and Cybersecurity Issues Look Set to Dominate the Privacy Landscape in 2022 [Cyber Law Monitor Blog]

April 15, 2022

Meghan Stoppel, who spent over a decade serving as an Assistant Attorney General, and later a Consumer Protection Chief, to both Democratic and Republican state attorneys generals, talks to Andy Baer, Chair of Cozen O’Connor’s Technology, Privacy and Data Security practice, about how state AGs are...

State privacy legislation momentum building

April 01, 2022

In WestLaw Today, Meghan Stoppel analyzes how businesses can engage in the rulemaking process and prepare as more states launch new privacy laws.

Web Scrapers And Their Targets Beware. Regulators Are Zeroing In On Privacy Implications [Alert]

November 17, 2021

Lori Kalani, Mira Baylson, and Meghan Stoppel provide a primer on web scraping as well as an overview of the legal and regulatory challenges.

California Splits from the FDA: CBD Now Permitted in Food, Beverages and More [Alert]

October 25, 2021

Mira Baylson, Meghan Stoppel, and Gianna Puccinelli discuss California's new law AB-45 that prohibits restrictions on the sale of dietary supplements, food, beverages, cosmetics, or pet food that contains CBD.

Is Cooperative Federalism Attainable in Cannabis Regulation? AG Weiser Seems to Think So [Alert]

September 01, 2021

Mira Baylson, Meghan Stoppel, and Gianna Puccinelli discuss Colorado State AG's letter to Congress regarding national cannabis reform and the recently proposed legislation, and how states and the federal government have worked together in the past to enact legislation and regulations.

After Initial Rejection, Ohio AG Certifies Marijuana Legalization Law, But the Damage May Already Be Done

August 24, 2021

Marijuana legalization activists have finally won the support of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost (R). On Friday August 20, AG Yost approved summary language in a petition submission for a proposed law, the “Act to Control and Regulate Adult Use Cannabis,” penned by the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (the Coalition).

Heeding State AGs’ Perspectives on Draft Legislation May Pay Dividends [Alert]

August 02, 2021

In this Client Alert Meghan Stoppel and Gianna Puccinelli discuss how monitoring state AGs’ views on draft legislation and proposed ballot initiatives can help indicate the likelihood of success of such measures.

How Tax Code Changes Affect State AG Settlement Talks

July 28, 2021

In this Law360 article State AG Group members Meghan Stoppel and Gianna Puccinelli highlight issues general counsel and their tax advisers may wish to consider when negotiating settlements with state attorneys general arising from recent changes to the IRS code.

In South Dakota, the AG and the Governor Are Sparring. What Does this Mean for Marijuana Deregulation in Other States?

July 14, 2021

As marijuana legalization rolls out across the nation, state AGs will play a critical role in the interpretation and development of marijuana policy and enforcement.

Considerations for Businesses When Sharing Information with An AG’s Office

July 06, 2021

Cozen O’Connor’s State Attorneys General Group co-chair Lori Kalani and members Mira Baylson and Meghan Stoppel recently authored an article in Infosecurity, “Considerations When Sharing Information with an AG's Office” offering advice for companies looking to better protect the sensitive information they submit to government entities in response to an inquiry or investigation.

Stoppel Quoted in CyberSecurity Law Report on New CO Privacy Act

June 23, 2021

State AG Group member Meghan Stoppel was quoted in a recent Cybersecurity Law Report article “Colorado Privacy Law Finishes Third, but Could Become the New Standard.”

State AGs Share Breach Notification Tips and Latest Enforcement Concerns

June 09, 2021

State AG Group co-chair, Lori Kalani, and members Ann-Marie Luciano and Meghan Stoppel, offer best practice advice for companies whose security has been breached and comment on trends in AG enforcement.

AMG Capital Decision May Mean More FTC Collaboration with State AGs, Increased Costs, Longer Timelines [Alert]

June 02, 2021

Meghan Stoppel discusses the history of state AG and FTC collaboration and how AMG Capital may change that collaboration going forward.

CBD Advertising Proceed with Caution to Avoid Confusion, Stay Out of State AG Crosshairs

April 29, 2021

State AG Group members, Meghan Stoppel and Mira Baylson penned an article for Cannabis Business Executive on the real threat of regulatory scrutiny and the importance of a carefully crafted marketing campaign for companies manufacturing and selling CBD.

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12th Annual Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Forum on Dietary Supplements

June 25, 2024 - New York, NY

Meghan Stoppel will be a panelist at a discussion titled “Analyzing New State Laws and Legislation Affecting Supplements: Considerations for Interstate Compliance and What Recent State Activity Could Mean for Future of FDA Deference.”

2024 RMAI Executive Summit

August 08, 2024

Meghan Stoppel will participate on a panel covering recent state and federal legislative and regulatory updates at the 2024 RMAI Executive Summit on August 8 in anta Ana Pueblo, New Mexico.

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  • University of Colorado, School of Law, J.D., 2008
  • Texas Christian University, B.A., magna cum laude, 2005
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas
  • Colorado
  • U.S. District Court -- Kansas
  • U.S. District Court -- Nebraska

CIPP/US, International Association of Privacy Professionals