Eighty-eight Cozen O’Connor Lawyers, 23 Practices Earn Top Recognition in Chambers USA 2023 Guide

Monday, June 5, 2023

PHILADELPHIA, June 5, 2023 — Chambers USA, the leading annual guide to the top lawyers and law firms in the United States, has ranked 88 Cozen O’Connor lawyers as leaders in their respective fields in the guide’s 2023 edition; of those, 17 lawyers have been recognized nationally. Those 17 attorneys include Joseph C. Bedwick (Cannabis Law: Eastern United States), Siran S. Faulders (State Attorneys General), Geoffrey D. Ferrer (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Finance), Jonathon H. Foglia (Transportation: Aviation: Regulatory), Susan A. Grueneberg (Franchising), David Heffernan (Transportation: Aviation: Regulatory), Lori Kalani (State Attorneys General), Jerry W. Kilgore (State Attorneys General), Jeffrey F. Lawrence (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Regulatory), Milton A. Marquis (State Attorneys General), Anne E. Mickey (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Finance), Bernard Nash (State Attorneys General), Neil A. Quartaro (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Litigation (New York)), Wayne R. Rohde (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Regulatory), Jeff R. Vogel (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Regulatory), Rachel Welford (Transportation: Aviation: Regulatory), and Joseph A. Ziemianski (Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Insurer).

Nineteen Cozen O’Connor attorneys were recognized in the Band 1 ranking for Chambers USA, the highest ranking achievable, which is based on an assessment of an attorney’s technical legal ability, professional conduct, client service, commercial astuteness, diligence commitment, and other factors. Those 19 attorneys include Joseph C. Bright (Tax), Raymond L. DeLuca (Construction), Bruce W. Ficken (Construction), Mark E. Felger (Bankruptcy/Restructuring), James A. Gale (Intellectual Property), Jeremiah G. Garvey (Corporate/M&A & Private Equity) Susan N. Eisenberg (Labor & Employment), Gregory Eisenstark (Energy & Natural Resources), Susan A. Grueneberg (Franchising), David Heffernan (Transportation: Aviation: Regulatory), Lori Kalani (State Attorneys General), Jeffrey F. Lawrence (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Regulatory), Kenan G. Loomis (Insurance), Stephen M. Seeger (Construction), Robert A. Silverman (Real Estate), Joseph E. Tilson (Labor & Employment), Wendy K. Venoit (Construction), James R. Williams (Real Estate), and Joseph A. Ziemianski (Insurance).

Chambers USA rankings are based on an “assessment of a firm’s work and opinions from external market sources, with an emphasis on client feedback.” In order to be ranked in the guide, lawyers and firms must demonstrate “sustained excellence.”

In addition to the individual lawyer rankings, Chambers USA has ranked 23 of Cozen O’Connor’s practice areas, eight of which have been recognized nationally and nine ranked Band 1.



Cannabis Law Band 4

Construction Band 5

Corporate Crime & Investigations: Highly Regarded Band 1

Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Insurer Band 3

Labor & Employment Band 4

State Attorneys General Band 1

Transportation: Aviation: Regulatory Band 1

Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Finance Band 2

Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Regulatory Band 1


Labor & Employment: Highly Regarded Band 2


Bankruptcy/Restructuring Band 3

District of Columbia

Construction Band 3

Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations Band 4

Real Estate Band 4


Insurance: Dispute Resolution Band 3

Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory Band 2

Intellectual Property Band 1

Labor & Employment Band 3


Insurance Band 2


Bankruptcy/Restructuring Band 4

Labor & Employment: The Elite Band 3


Corporate/M&A Band 3

New Jersey

Energy & Natural Resources Band 1

New York

Litigation: General Commercial: Highly Regarded Band 5

Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations: Highly Regarded Band 3


Banking & Finance Band 3

Construction Band 1

Corporate/M&A & Private Equity Band 3

Healthcare Band 2

Insurance Band 3

Labor & Employment Band 1

Litigation: General Commercial Band 3

Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations Band 2

Real Estate Band 1

Real Estate: Finance Band 2

Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use Band 2

Tax Band 2


Insurance Band 2



Joseph C. Bedwick (Cannabis Law: Eastern United States) Band 3

Siran S. Faulders (State Attorneys General) Band 2

Geoffrey D. Ferrer (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Finance) Band 2

Jonathon H. Foglia (Transportation: Aviation: Regulatory) Band 2

Susan A. Grueneberg (Franchising) Band 1

David Heffernan (Transportation: Aviation: Regulatory) Band 1

Lori Kalani (State Attorneys General) Band 1

Jerry W. Kilgore (State Attorneys General) Band 2

Jeffrey F. Lawrence (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Regulatory) Band 1

Milton A. Marquis (State Attorneys General) Band 2

Anne E. Mickey (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Finance) Band 3

Bernard Nash (State Attorneys General) Senior Statespeople

Neil A. Quartaro (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Litigation (New York)) Band 4

Wayne R. Rohde (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Regulatory) Band 3

Jeff R. Vogel (Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Regulatory) Band 3

Rachel Welford (Transportation: Aviation: Regulatory) Up and Coming

Joseph A. Ziemianski (Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Insurer) Band 3


Walter M. Stella (Labor & Employment) Band 5


Christopher S. Clemenson (Insurance) Band 2


Mark E. Felger (Bankruptcy/Restructuring) Band 1

District of Columbia

Barry Boss (Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations) Band 2

Jesse S. Keene (Construction) Band 4

Lawrence M. Prosen (Construction) Band 3

Stephen M. Seeger (Construction) Band 1

Nicole H. Sprinzen (Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations) Band 4

David Tiger (Real Estate) Band 4

Barbara Van Gelder (Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations) Senior Statespeople

Benjamin L. Williams (Construction) Associates to Watch


Scott Bettridge (Immigration) Band 2

John David Dickenson (Insurance: Dispute Resolution) Band 3

James A. Gale (Intellectual Property) Band 1

Susan N. Eisenberg (Labor & Employment) Band 1

A. Kenneth Levine (Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory) Band 2

Samuel A. Lewis (Intellectual Property) Band 2

Ralf R. Rodriguez (Construction) Band 4

Martin T. Schrier (Corporate/M&A & Private Equity) Band 4


Kenan G. Loomis (Insurance) Band 1

Alycen A. Moss (Insurance) Band 2


Jeremy J. Glenn (Labor & Employment) Band 3

Peter J. Roberts (Bankruptcy/Restructuring) Band 4

Brian L. Shaw (Bankruptcy/Restructuring) Band 3

Joseph E. Tilson (Labor & Employment) Band 1

Anna Wermuth (Labor & Employment) Band 2


Christopher McLoon (Tax) Band 3

Wendy K. Venoit (Construction) Band 1


Christopher J. Bellini (Corporate/M&A) Band 3

New Jersey

Michael J. Connolly (Energy & Natural Resources) Band 2

Gregory Eisenstark (Energy & Natural Resources) Band 1

New York

Michael B. de Leeuw (Litigation: General Commercial) Band 5

Tamar S. Wise (Litigation: General Commercial) Up and Coming


Joseph C. Bright (Tax) Band 1

Richard J. Busis (Corporate/M&A & Private Equity) Band 2

Robert M. Careless (Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use) Up and Coming

Stephen A. Cozen (Insurance and Litigation: General Commercial)  Senior Statespeople

Kenneth A. Cushing (Construction) Associates to Watch

Alfred J. D'Angelo Jr (Labor & Employment) Band 4

Raymond L. DeLuca (Construction) Band 1

Bruce W. Ficken (Construction) Band 1

Mark H. Gallant (Healthcare) Senior Statespeople

Jeremiah G. Garvey (Corporate/M&A & Private Equity) Band 1

Thomas S. Giotto (Labor & Employment) Band 2

Howard Grossman (Real Estate) Band 4

Michael J. Heller (Corporate/M&A & Private Equity) Band 3

Fred Warren Jacoby (Construction) Senior Statespeople

Daniel V. Johns (Labor & Employment) Band 4

Sandra L. Kelly (Real Estate) Up and Coming

Raymond A. Kresge (Labor & Employment) Band 4

Larry P. Laubach (Corporate/M&A & Private Equity) Band 4

Jeffrey A. Leonard (Real Estate) Band 3

Elizabeth A. Malloy (Labor & Employment) Band 2

Suzanne S. Mayes (Banking & Finance) Band 2

Camille M. Miller (Intellectual Property) Band 2

Stephen A. Miller (Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations) Band 2

Deborah M. Minkoff (Insurance) Band 3

Jeffery R. Mullen (Construction) Up and Coming

Jeffrey I. Pasek (Labor & Employment) Band 2

R. Christopher Raphaely (Healthcare) Band 2

Jason M. Shargel (Corporate/M&A: Securities) Band 2

Richard J. Silpe (Tax) Band 3

Adam M. Silverman (Real Estate) Band 4

Robert A. Silverman (Real Estate) Band 1 and (Real Estate: Finance) Band 2

Cheryl A. Upham (Tax) Band 2

James R. Williams (Real Estate) Band 1

Thomas P. Witt (Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use) Eminent Practitioners


Alicia G. Curran (Insurance) Band 4

Stephen P. Pate (Insurance) Band 2

A. Martin Wickliff, Jr. (Labor & Employment) Senior Statespeople

Joseph A. Ziemianski (Insurance) Band 1


Frank Abramonte (Intellectual Property) Band 3

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